Straight from the Cosmos–The Polyfacetic RAIN!

7 Nov

Only very rarely we encounter a person that has so many talents that you can only perceive her as her well chosen moniker describes–a thousand little points of light that might look like a “Rain” is in the horizon.

Rain is much more–an entrepreneur par excellence, an artist ,jewelry and web designer, adept graphic artist but what is most important and individual who marches to a different drummer. Rain is so far ahead in her concept of the world to come that we can only follow her and pick up her drops of knowledge trying to keep up with her.

She’s a very caring, funny, leader that gives us hours and hours of joy with her positive approach to life and her endless amoonition to see what is there, rather than what is not.

Her newest enterprise  is about to be unveiled. We are waiting with baited breath. What will Rain bring in her magical drops this time?

Tune in to and see some samples of her persona in the following articles.


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