Rebecca Busby’s Early Years

21 Apr

When Rebecca was young, she and her mother lived in Alabama.

Her mother used to go to the neighborhoods in search of abandoned cats. Rebecca helped her mother, for she thought this was part of life and a common contribution of most adults.

Then is when she felt a real commitment to the most needed cats in the world–the feral variety. Feral–wild– where the thousands of cats without a home than wonder all the streets night and day in search of a bit of sustenance of maybe some good soul that will spare a morsel.

For Rebecca, this early desire to respond to the needed morphed into a calling to work with actual people so she trained as a Psychologist.

Now she has being working for 40 years in the “Feral Godmother’s Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rest Home” that she put together.

To be able to support the feral cat populations she designs beautiful  apparel and sells them at local crafts. She also has several stores at “Etsy” and her “Feral Godmother’s” page on Facebook.


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