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My BFFFFFFFFF is Back!!!!!!

12 May


Phyllis, Annica and Cheryl Spital


My BFFFFFFFFFF is back!!!!!!

12 May

Silvia Shepard-Lobanov

Dearest BFFFFF!!!!!

I heard your voice and the world stood still! My wonderful, cherished, loving Phyllis is back!

I won’t be able to sleep tonight thinking I get to see you! My beloved, the world was dark and dreadful without you! All the light went out, but now your melodious, beloved voice sounded just wonderful!

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! I’ve missed you so much!!!!! There was no laughter in my days and I wanted so much to go and hug you and kiss you and pamper you!

I shall stay up all night planning the candles I have to buy for your coming out party! They will sing the Marseillaise! Freedom from the monsters that grabbed you and took you to darkness circles of Hades!

Now I shall kidnap you and take you to Hawaii–just the two of us!

A thousands prayers of gratitude shall raise to the heavens!!!!lllllllllll


(Actually the word existed, I didn’t make it up!)

We have so much to catch up on! Did I tell you how much I missed you?

The sun stopped shining and there were was no moon and stars in my horizon since you got sick.

But you’re back! Hallelujah, Mazel Tov!

I love you so much!!!!! More than before!!!!

Hugs and kisses and more hugs and kisses.


7 May

“Festive Bazaar”

4046 Crown Point Dr. # 1

San Diego , Ca. 92109

KZ Ellis

10451 Davwood Ln

El Paso, Texas


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