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Welcome to “Festive Bazaar”

28 Sep

“Festive Bazaar” has had a new re-encarnation. Check her favorite polka dot pink dress. Do you think it was easy to find?

I had to go through many stores for she didn’t like what she saw!

Now it’s time to  create the variety of jewelry I will present to you for your approval.

Right now I’m laboring over a special order for a turquoise and blue-green Swarovski crystals cross with a silver chain. It’s my third version of it. The first went all the way to Brazil, South America!

Next, I created  miniature boro globes with a crown of  Swarovski clusters. Oh, how they shine and move coquettishly!

One of my favorites is a study in royal blue…about 20 tiny crystals for each ear ring wrapped individually with gold wire. That is a total of 40 little creatures to tend too. But they wink at me while I’m caressing them and I can imagine how pretty they’ll look on your ears and that  makes it all worth while!

I place each cluster on a long gold post and anchor it with a larger crystal and the  final wrap is the deal breaker. If it isn’t very tied, the Swarovskies are very finicky. They want to hug each other and rest very close– for ever!

This design is very popular with young ladies that are becoming fashion conscious earlier in their lives.

Once you’ve seen how  these crystals jump, prance and flicker you can understand how they’ve become the piece de resistance  in haute couture,  you will moan and groan to own one!

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